The Story Behind David Medlow's Fruit Jellies

So... Our journey continues!

Pecktons Fruit Jellies remain a favourite around the world.

After 30 years of continued research and development, aiming at achieving the perfect fruit jelly, our “Pecktons” represent crisp, juicy fresh fruit and berry flavours. Moulded in little delicious bundles, David has perfected various combinations to serve or share on every occasion.

David’s obsession for pectin jellies started in London 1979, when as the export manager for Bellis Fruits he tasted a lime jelly baby made from pectin. The flavour, taste, and bite remain with him today! His journey into confectionery manufacturing was set to change the course of his life.

On his return to Australia, David dedicated himself to developing our recipes for the now famous fruit “Pecktons”. Years of trial and error followed, perfecting his recipes. In 1993 encouraged by family and friends he entered the Australian confectionery market supplying specialist chocolate stores, florists, and department stores.

Working from home, maintaining our careers and a young family, we finally graduated from the family kitchen to a small factory kitchen where every Friday evening we packed the car ready for an early rise on Saturday, cook all weekend only to race home and continue the process in packing product ready to deliver on Monday. Our business was starting to take shape!

Medlow Confectionery & Pecktons Fruit Jellies

“Medlow” is a family name, David’s mother’s maiden name, given to him and his brother as their second name. Samuel Medlow and his wife Charlotte came to South Australia as early settlers in 1845. Samuel, David’s great great grandfather pioneered the settlement north of Adelaide known today as Smithfield.

It was this pioneering spirit shared by both David and his grandfather which connected us and enabled us to call the business Medlow Confectionery.

Medlow Chocolates

Medlow Chocolates was established in June 2002. Today David and Sharon continue to welcome visitors and tourists to their chocolate store and retail shop at Laura, Southern Flinders Rangers South Australia. Today we continue to supply and introduce new customers to our Pecktons and Chocolate range.

Pectin Fruit Jellies

Pectin is a soluble fibre found in all fruits and vegetables. It is a part of people's daily diet. Pectin is the main ingredient in our jellies.

Our pectin is naturally derived from oranges, and most commonly used for setting jams. Our pectin jellies are gluten-free and animal product-free, catering to a wide range of dietary needs, from celiacs to vegetarians.

Natural Flavours Jellies

At the heart of our philosophy is a commitment to authentic flavours. Our flavours are all natural. Every burst of flavour in our product is sourced directly from real fruits.

This ensures that every jelly we create not only tastes delightful, but also upholds our promise of a premium quality fruit jelly. Whether it's the tangy zest of a lemon or the exotic sweetness of a lychee, you're experiencing the true essence of the fruit.

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