Fruity Jellies Similar to Pate de Fruits in Australia

The Story Behind Our Pectin Fruit Jellies

David’s obsession for pectin jellies started in London 1979, when as the export manager for Bellis Fruits he tasted a lime jelly baby made from pectin. The flavour, taste, and bite remain with him today! His journey into confectionery manufacturing was set to change the course of his life.

On his return to Australia, David dedicated himself to developing our recipes for the now famous fruit “Pecktons”. Years of trial and error followed, perfecting his recipes. In 1993 encouraged by family and friends he entered the Australian confectionery market supplying specialist chocolate stores, florists, and department stores.

The journey continues...
Mixed Berries used in Pecktons Fruit Jellies

Our Most Popular Fine Gels

Berry Fruits Pectin Jellies

A fruit jelly that is just perfect for the sweet tooth and the very young. The three flavours in the Berry Fruits Pecktons include a freshly picked, just-in-time strawberry, a raspberry distinctive of its acid finish, and a blackberry like those found on a summers walk through the bush. 

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Oranges Lemons and Limes used in Pecktons Fruit Jellies

Our Most Refreshing Fine Gels

Summer Fruits Pectin Jellies

Imagine a juicy ripe orange, a rich fresh lime and the sweet sour aftertaste of a lemon. Each Summer Fruits Peckton is firm yet yielding to the bite and leaves a distinctively fresh fruity aftertaste.

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Fruit jubes Australia

All our Fine Gels Flavours in One Box

Medley of Fruits Jellies

Combine the Berry gels with the Citrus fruit gels and you have a rainbow of colours and a kaleidoscope of flavours. The Summer Fruits pectin jellies combined with the Berries fruit jellies is the ultimate treat. If you can’t choose, the Medley of Fruits Pecktons will take you on a journey of diverse flavours surrendering to their fruit. 

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Fruit Jellies 100% Natural and Made in Australia

  • Natural fruit jellies and real fruit jellies

    100% Natural

    The Pecktons fruit jellies are made using natural flavours and pectin.

  • gluten free jellies pectin

    Gluten Free

    The Pecktons fruit jellies are 100% gluten-free, pectin being the natural gelling agent.

  • vegan jellies and vegan fruit jellies

    No Animal Product

    The Pecktons fruit jellies are 100% animal free, made with pectin as opposed to gelatine.

  • Fruit jellies made in Australia

    Proudly Australian

    Crafted and made in Australian for over 30 years. David Medlow's fruit gels 100% natural.